A service for research and industry

Welcome to the SRSF - the UK's only RNAi screening centre. We provide a service for whole genome screening experiments at low cost.

Based at the University of Sheffield, our facility provides specialist equipment to assist the wider scientific community in carrying out high-throughput RNAi screens with Drosophila cells. We offer either pre-aliquoted whole genome RNAi libraries or sub-libraries of target probes.

We support both plate reader assays, high-content microscopy as well as the equipment needed to process these samples in a high-throughput fashion. This can either be used to identify genes involved in disease representing future drug targets, or to identify genes involved in biological processes.

How a Screen Works

How screens workThe screening process is organised in two stages between clients and the SRSF. Assays are usually developed in the screeners laboratory and followed by the running of an assay development plate. We provide expert assistance to our customers, including assay development and optimization, data and image analysis, plus planning of follow-up assays and secondary hit determination.

How to Apply

How screens workFirst, contact us to discuss your requirements and we will advise you on the options available. Application requires a number of forms to be completed before screening work commences. When the assay has been developed you will be placed in queue ready to screen. As well as genome-wide RNAi screens, we offer a flexible service, including bespoke library construction and full use of our equipment.